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Minecraft: download latest free version for Android 2022

minecraft for android apk


Updated:23 June, 2022
Requires Android:5.0 and later versions
File size:156.40 MB
Package Name:com.mojang.minecraftpe

In this popular game, you enter a 3D world, which consists entirely of cubes. You can change it, creating various structures from cubes. In the game you can easily find something to do: a full exploration of the world, the creation of buildings and objects, battles with monsters. So below we tell you how to download Minecraft apk for Android.

When the game starts, a new world is generated procedurally. It is divided into areas - biomes, each of which includes a special set of objects. Your hero can appear in a wooded, mountainous or desert area. When breaking cubes, the character collects certain materials. They can be used to create new blocks.

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¿What does Minecraft APK mean for Android??

First of all, when you download minecraft APK for Android, you will frequently update it with exclusive content for all its players. They will also get to know new animals, monsters, items and many other surprises.

Clearly the most popular arcade game in the world has finally arrived at small screens, that is, on mobile phones and is now accessible to anyone with a device with Internet access.

download minecraft pe apk full
View minecraft on Android

Moreover, the adaptation to the small screen of this fabulous game is really incredible. The guys at Mojang have thought of even the smallest detail to launch the version of Minecraft for Android.

Enjoy its survival mode, in which you'll have to act quickly to avoid being devoured or eliminated by any other being, creature or monster you find along the way.

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Features of the Minecraft APK for Android

Also, here are some interesting features of Minecraft:

  • Explore wonderful randomly generated worlds.
  • Skin packs, textures and community potpourri.
  • Build wondrous things all over the worlds you pass through.
  • Play with unlimited resources in creative mode.
  • Fight big in survival mode to survive the nastiest creatures on the planet.
  • You can do it locally or online, as you like.

So, if you want to enter a fantastic world, infinite and full of surprises, Minecraft for Android is for you, get it now!

What's new in Minecraft for Android

And well now you know the new features of Minecraft apk for Android. Version June 2022 (v1.19.10.24)

Welcome in, this update fixed a number of major issues. Read on and learn the best aspects of what's in this new version.

minecraft update for android

  • Removed the Vanilla and Wild Experiment toggles since these have no active axperimental content.
  • Allay duplication cooldown is now 5 minutes (up from 2.5 minutes).
  • Fixed a bug that caused an empty Trader Llama Spawn Egg to appear in the Creative menu in pre 1.19.10 worlds.
  • Fixed touch controls right d-pad button not working when the d-pad area overlapped with the hotbar area.

However, it is always ideal to make a copy of your worlds before installing and open beta.

Minecraft APK beta players can only connect with other players in the same beta version and do not have access to realms while in beta.

All changes, new features and bug fixes can be found on the official website.

Minecraft game modes on Android

Minecraft keeps introducing new and interesting game modes so that the fun never ends. In addition, some expansions have also been released that allow you to play or learn differently.

minecraft android game modes
Minecraft APK FULL

Download Minecraft APK for Android offers different game modes in which we can have fun or relax, The modes offered are as follows:

  • Survival: this is the main game mode of Minecraft for PC. The goal is to survive in a hostile world full of dangerous enemies, collecting materials to build your home and weapons.
  • Extreme: this game mode is very similar to the previous one, the only difference is that the player must take more care of his health and hunger bar, because if he dies, the game is over for him.
  • Creative: if what you really like is to create and build without limits, the creative mode is for you.
  • Spectator: in spectator mode, you can watch the adventures of your friends online, being able to move freely and without restrictions.
  • Adventure: players enter a map created by other users to live their adventures. You cannot create, modify or delete blocks, but you can interact with other characters, creatures and objects.

Download Minecraft APK for Android

To download Minecraft for Android in its latest version you will have to follow the steps below, remember that this is the beta version and the official version of the game.


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Minecraft APK for Android (the latest version) will help you to experience the most amazing visuals in this open world game. Are you ready to download?

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